Monksblade was a village in Cormyr known for its fine food and accommodation, making it a popular stop for people traveling to Sembia.[1]


Monksblade was located along the Way of the Manticore between Dreamer's Rock and Battlerise.[2]


Monksblade got its name from the fact that it was built on the foundations of four ruined monasteries: Mother Chauntea's House, the Towers of War, the Lady's House, and the House of the Seas, which all coexisted with each other at one point.[1]

Unfortunately, thieving mages, bandits, lizardmen raiders from the Vast Swamp, and Sembian infiltrators depopulated the buildings until they stood empty and eventually fell to ruin. Eventually, at the urging of the king, who needed an eastern watchpost but lacked the resources to create a fort, homesteaders resettled the site, creating the village.[1]

Coastal settlements drew business away over time but the village remained attractive owing to its picturesque location, with the boughs of huge trees shading overgrown gardens.[1]

Sites of InterestEdit

Lost Knight's Dance 
The village well, around which the original monasteries were built. The name was given after the village's founding.
Wendeira's Wondery 
An oddments shop that also sold a variety of minor magical items for high prices.
The Old Oyster 
A quality restaurant that sold fine seafood and a good selection of wines and ales as well as standard fare.[1]
Hunting the Knight 
A tavern popular with retired adventurers. Volo claimed it as his favorite tavern.[1]
The Firedagger Inn 
A luxurious inn noted for its staff and the magical blade that had to be banished every so often lest it burn the place down.[1]
Temple Ruins 
Two miles to the east, on a hill in a field, was the ruin of a Netherese temple of Tyche. The temple contained a portal to Blister and was haunted by a Netherese ghost known as the Looking Lady, who was an attraction in Monksblade until 1372 DR when she began attacking the residents.[3]

Notable InhabitantsEdit


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