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TSR2129 (MC13)
Monstrous Compendium Al-Qadim Appendix
Basic Information
Author(s) Wolfgang Baur and Steve Kurtz[1]
Publisher TSR, Inc.[1]
Cover Artist Jeff Easley[1]
Interior Artist Tom Baxa, Mark Nelson[1]
Type Accessory[1]
Realm year(s) 1367 DR[note 1]
Binding Paperback
Released 1992[1]
Pages 68
ISBN 10 1-56076-370-1[1]
ISBN 13 978-1560763703[1]
Series Monstrous Compendium
Preceded by Monstrous Compendium Dark Sun Appendix: Terrors of the Desert
Followed by Monstrous Compendium Fiend Folio Appendix
Glittering treasures lie undisturbed in darkened caves. Angry genies seethe in magically-sealed bottles. Gigantic birds of prey roost atop unscalable mountain peaks. Sea serpents twist and slither beneath blue waves. Alongside a world of stunning beauty and idyllic leisure exits a harsh realm of legendary beasts and monsters.

The AL-QADIM appendix for your Monstrous Compendium contains 64 pages of monsters drawn from the fables of the Middle East. The creatures in this appendix are perfect for an AL-QADIM campaign, or for spicing up any AD&D game desert setting.[1]


The Monstrous Compendium Al-Qadim Appendix consisted of 64 5-hole punched loose-leaf pages, unnumbered, and included a "How To Use This Book" page with an alphabetical index, a one-page index of appropriate monsters for the Al-Qadim setting from other books of the Monstrous Compendium-series, 2 pages of random encounter charts, and a sheet with the compiled game statistics, with the remainder consisting of the descriptions of the fictional monsters. Also included were 4 full-page illustrations on heavier card stock.[1]




  1. Canon material does not provide dating for the Al-Qadim campaign setting. For the purposes of this wiki only, the current date for Al-Qadim products is assumed to be 1367 DR.


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