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Montar Kaspar was a half-elf cavalier and the baron of the city of Kaspar in Ulgarth around 1358 DR. He chose the name "Montar Kaspar" for himself, it meant "defender of Kaspar".[1]


Baron Kaspar governed the barony and city of Kaspar and also had the responsibility of defending the realm against the barbarians of the eastern plains. He also commanded his own barony's army,[1] the only baron to do so around 1358 DR.[2] He led his forces into battle himself, which earned him the appreciation of his troops. He kept their morale high through a mix of trust, harsh discipline, and indulging their greed, by sharing the loot of a battle and captured horses fairly among the troops.[1]

In particular, Baron Kaspar led an elite cavalry company, mounted on the superb Dambraii horses that he personally had imported from Dambrath. These made them the swiftest cavalry company in the kingdom, able to easily pursue or retreat from barbarian hordes.[1]


He also loved horses with passion. His own mount was Firefiex, reputed to be the swiftest steed in the kingdom.[1]



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