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Montaron was a halfling member of the Zhentarim who was sent with Xzar to the Sword Coast during the iron crisis. He appears in both the game and novel versions of the Baldur's Gate series, of which only the latter is considered canonical.

The Novel Edit

In the novel, Montaron and Xzar saved Abdel Adrian from a horde of gibberlings and accompanied him as he traveled to the "Friendly Arms Inn" and later to the mines of Nashkel. Montaron also helped Adrian out at the inn by planting the purses he had stolen on a man whom Adrian had just killed, thus freeing him from some of the blame for what "would have been murder otherwise". Montaron and Xzar were also secretly working for Sarevok, who later slaughtered them.

Games Edit

In Baldur's Gate, Montaron can be found along with Xzar on the road near the place where Gorion was killed. He's a member of the Zhentarim dispatched along with Xzar to find out who's to blame for the iron crisis, since their organization actually has nothing to do with it in spite of rumors to the contrary. He hates working with Xzar and generally seems to think that the best thing that could be done with everyone besides himself would be to kill them, something which he openly enjoys. He and his counterpart get along particularly badly with the two Harpers Khalid and Jaheira, with whom they may eventually come to blows.

In Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, Montaron has been captured by the local Harpers in Athkatla whilst spying on them. In truth, he has been killed, but the player character may be fooled to believe he has been transformed into a bird. When this bird is brought to Xzar, who gives the quest to find Montaron in the first place, it will be revealed to be a Harper who kills Xzar at that spot.

Montaron is voiced by Earl Boen.

In Game Quotes Baldur's Gate (game) Edit

  • "Ye spoke at me?"
  • "This better be good."
  • "What need ye dead?"
  • "Arrrr!"
  • "Go suck yer blade."
  • "I'll do yer toil."
  • "Sleep lightly, taskmaster"
  • "Leave me be, lest your head leave your neck."
  • "What part of "I'm a loner" do ye not understand?"
  • "And the rivers run red!"
  • "I warrant your attention?! Oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!"
  • "Fool! Now we'll need another mule!"
  • "Good or bad, You’ll go the way of all flesh"
  • (When reputation goes over 12) "Ye goody goodies make me sick!"
  • (When critical) "A death be in me if I no get help."
  • (In Dungeon) Dungeons! "The dark be nice but blast this damp!"
  • (When reputation sinks) "Effective. I may not kill you after all."
  • (At random during day)"I be much preferring the cover of night o'er this blasted daylight"
  • (Chosen as group leader) "I have no equal, but I prefer to work alone."
  • (Tired) "If'n' I'm not allowed to sleep, our next assailants may just live."
  • (When not doing anything for a while) "A good blade must be fed. Find prey, or I'll find you."
  • (Answering to Jaheira or Khalid) "Ye'll live longer if ye dont annoy me, mayhaps even a week or more."
  • (If Xzar dies) "And the mad Wizard falls! Saves me the trouble!"
  • (Answer to Khalid) "Yer wit be sharp as my blade! Do we exchange jabs, or will you cease yer prattle?!"

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