County Monteshi was a county in Tethyr. The ruined and haunted city of Shoonach resided there.[1]


Together with Calimmon to its west, Monteshi made up the duchy of Ankaram and served as Tethyr's border with the kingdom of Calimshan to the south.[3]

This county was a strange amalgam of rural pastureland and the dangerous ruins of ancient kingdoms. The site of Shoonach, the former capital of the Shoon Imperium, was here,[1] and roughly half of the county's territory was disputed.[3] Calimshan claimed that the region it called Monrativi Teshy Mir was rightfully theirs.[4] The county contained a well-manned fortress, Fort Teqlar to guard against monster attacks from Shoonach or threats from Calimshan.[1]


In 1369 DR, a pious hin, Count Oxsal Keeneyes ruled and defended Monteshi. Officially, his seat of power was the manor house of Pelmarin, but he spent the majority of his time at Fort Teqlar.[1]



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