The Moon domain is a deity domain that grants divine spellcasters spell powers related to the Moon, perception and lycanthropes. The spellcaster gains the ability to turn and destroy such shapechangers as a good cleric turns undead.[1][2]

Moon Domain DeitiesEdit

EilistraeeHathorHiateaMalarSehanine MoonbowSelûneSharindlar

Moon Domain SpellsEdit

Once per day, divine spellcasters with the Moon domain could cast one domain spell for each spell level they had achieved.[3]

1st level 
Faerie fire
2nd level 
3rd level 
Moon blade
4th level 
Good hope[note 1]
5th level 
Moon path
6th level 
Permanent image
7th level 
8th level 
Animal shapes
9th level 



  1. In 3.5 edition, this spell replaced the Emotion spell. See page 88 of the Player's Guide to Faerûn.


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