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The Moonsea Skysentinel is a prestige class of the Moonsea region of Faerûn. Moonsea Skysentinels serve as the lookouts, spies, and scouts for the Knights of the North, a small organization of individuals who wish to see the destruction of the Zhentarim. Moonsea Skysentinels ride their dire hawk mounts in search of enemy movement, communication between cells of their organization, and a variety of other tasks they are uniquely suited to.[1]

Abilities Edit

Dire Hawk Steed
A Moonsea Skysentinel's mount is in the form of a large hawk that serves loyally and efficiently, regardless of the task at hand. As a Moonsea Skysentinel becomes more experienced in his duties, the dire hawk steed in turn becomes more powerful and hardier.[2]
Magical Defense
A Moonsea Skysentinel is trained to resist the effects of Zhentarim spells flung at them.[2]
A Moonsea Skysentinel can cast a spell that shields them from incoming enemy attacks (such as arrows). The spell extends to protect the Skysentinel's dire hawk mount if the Skysentinel is currently riding it.[2]


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