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Moonstar agents, also referred to as Teukiir, was a special prestige class on Faerûn.[1] They were all members of the organization known as the Moonstars[2] which was founded by Khelben Arunsun.[2]


Laeral's Intuition
2nd Level Moonstar agents gained an ability that worked like the spell detect thoughts.[2]
Khelben's Call
At 4th level, Moonstar agents were granted this ability that works like the spell sending once per day.[2]
Oghma's Insight
Agents of the Moonstars were known for their ability to aquire lore of obscure knowledge.[2]

Ex-Moonstar AgentsEdit

Whether intentional or otherwise, any agent who went against the code of the Tel Teukiira to the point of endangering a fellow agent or left the group would quickly garner a reputation among the group. As such they could not progress any further as an agent or use any special ability granted from such. Only a petition to Khelben or an atonement spell could bring an agent back in the group's good graces.[2]

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