Mordak Brelliar is the current apprentice of First Lord Maalthiir, often serving the role as his most prolific agent. Mordak believes that the powers of Hillsfar should align with the Zhentarim, believing their combined power capable of reigning over the entire Moonsea.[1]


It has been said that Mordak resembles a younger, less charismatic version of Khelben Arunsun.[1]


Despite the possibilities of Mordak's ambitious scheme, his master did not share this view, not wanting to bow to Manshoon and the other Zhents. Mordak planned for years to eventually overthrow the First Lord, though he eventually caught wind of the plans. When the time came for Mordak to enact his treacherous coup, Maalthiir stopped his apprentice and reversed the attack. Maalthiir's powerful magics put Mordak directly under his control; among these were dominate person, geas and suggestion. Mordak is now unwillingly and unwaveringly faithful to his master, unable to progress by any of his own means.[1]


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