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Morgalla, known as Morgalla the Mirthful, was a dwarven entertainer from Earthfast in the Earthfast Mountains.[1] She was an artist specializing in satirical cartoons.[2]


Morgalla was young and beardless. She had brown eyes and russet braids. She was about four feet tall and usually wore simple clothes.[1]


Morgalla was a member of Clan Chistlesmith and the daughter (or "darl") of Olam Chistlesmith and Thendara Spearsinger, a captain of the hearth guard of Earthfast.[1]


Born around 1310 DR, growing up in orc-besieged Earthfast, Morgalla said her mother taught her to fight with a staff almost as soon as she could stand. Morgalla took an apprenticeship in the Chistlesmith trade of woodcarving, but retained an interest in songs and stories, and had a desire for adventure. On the rare occasion the dwarves gathered in the great clan hall for entertainments, Morgalla earned fame for singing, storytelling, and dancing.[3]

Finally, in mid-autumn of the Year of the Serpent, 1359 DR, the rogue princess Alusair Obarskyr came to the Earthfast Mountains and found Earthfast. Seeing a good cause to fight for, Alusair lent her aid to the defense against orcs and goblins.[4][5] While there, she impressed the dwarves were own storytelling skill, and Morgalla befriended her.[1][3]

In the Year of the Turret, 1360 DR, the dwarves of Earthfast joined Cormyr's alliance against the Tuigan Horde. Morgalla accompanied the army and Alusair, becoming a veteran of the Alliance War. Afterward, Morgalla chose not to return to the Earthfast with the other dwarves. She was nearing her fiftieth birthday and expected to choose a mate and raise a family, or "hearth", and little time left for music and adventure. Instead, she journeyed to Cormyr to see Alusair's homeland.[3]

She spent three years in Cormyr, entertaining and trying to earn fame and an apprenticeship to a more experienced bard. However, she found little success as a dwarf bard, and instead became a satirical artist.[3]

In 1364 DR, Morgalla was sent by Vangerdahast, court wizard of Cormyr, to Waterdeep to aid Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun in locating the source of a curse on bardic music. She journeyed with Danilo Thann and Wyn Ashgrove, among others, to the High Forest and back, finally locating the culprit, Iriador Wintermist, in Waterdeep.[6]


Morgalla had an oaken staff topped with a jester doll with a green and yellow hat.[7]





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