Morik the Rogue is a friend of Wulfgar, living in the town of Luskan. He is nearly executed by the Luskan authorities for a crime not committed, the murder of Deudermont. Despite his small stature, Morik rose through the ranks of criminals on the streets of Luskan, eventually becoming feared and respected as both a thief and a fighter. He prefers to fight using two daggers, wielding one in each hand.

Role in the StoryEdit

Morik's first appearance is in The Silent Blade. After Wulfgar fights with Tree-Block Breaker, the toughest fighter on Half Moon Street, Morik attempts to kill him off with a glass of poison. His attempt is foiled by Delly Curtie, Wulfgars future wife. Not long after this, Morik is approached by the drow elf Kimmuriel Oblodra, lieutenant of the mercenary group Bregan D'aerthe. He pays Morik to keep an eye on Wulfgar.

Morik next appears in The Spine of the World. He and Wulfgar are now good friends. The book starts with two drinking near the docks when two would-be muggers come along. Morik and Wulfgar quickly defeat the two and leave the scene. After Wulfgar is robbed of Aegis-fang they try to get information of its whereabouts. While doing that they are manipulated so they eliminate Captain Deudermont's magical protections. The assassins attack the captain with poison, but when they are captured they lie and frame Wulfgar and Morik for the attack. All of them are imprisoned and sentenced to death, but Deudermont thinks Wulfgar is innocent and asks him to be pardoned. Both Morik and Wulfgar's sentences are changed to banishment from Luskan.

Wulfgar and Morik roam the roads and become thieves. One day they attack Meralda Ganderlay, Lord Feringal of Auckney's fiancée. Since she was already pregnant because of Jaka Sculi she lies to him and says Wulfgar had raped her. Wulfgar is then taken prisoner and Morik devises a way to help him acting as a noble from another city. Meralda feels guilt from her act and releases Wulfgar, and he is reunited with Morik. After a few months they come back and to reclaim Colson, Meralda's daughter, so she isn't killed.

Wulfgar and Morik then return to Luskan. Morik stays while Wulfgar leaves with Colson and Delly Curtie. Then Morik meets Jarlaxle Baenre, leader of Bregan D'aerthe. Jarlaxle offers Morik to be his associate in Luskan, promising him riches if he accepts, or certain death if he declines. For a while Morik obeys Bregan D'aerthe, but tries to protect himself against Rai'gy's magic with an antimagic orb. The assassin Artemis Entreri is sent to kill him, but Entreri prefers not to do so and advises Morik to leave the city, which he does.

Morik eventually returns to Luskan again. He is then contacted by Drizzt Do'Urden and Catti-brie who want information about Wulfgar. After that he is abducted by the wizard Bellany, a girl he knew when she was an apprentice, who was working for the notorious pirate Sheila Kree. When she learns Drizzt has talked with him he is taken with her to the far north where Sheila and her band have their hideout. When the Companions of the Hall reach there Morik decides to side with his old friend Wulfgar and he attacks Kree when she was about to kill Wulfgar, saving his life. Wulfgar returns the favor ignoring a lie Morik told him so he could save Bellany, now his lover, from being killed.

After that Morik now resides in Luskan with Bellany.