Morista Malkin was a scout and a member of the Emerald Enclave during the Rage of Demons[as of when?].[1]


Morista hailed from Luruar but responded to Bruenor's call to liberate Gauntlgrym from evil in 1485 DR. After the victory, she acted as an adviser to King Bruenor. She also trained elite scouts to move in the dark recesses of the Underdark.

Morista was chosen as the Emerald Enclave's delegate to King Bruenor Battlehammer to discuss the madness spreading in the Underdark.[1]


Morista always tried to balance her loyalties to her people and king and to nature. She believed her duty was to protect dwarves from the dangers of the Underdark, but she also reminded them of its natural beauty. Morista admired and respected King Bruenor.[1]




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