Mornbryn's Shield was a village on the north bank of the River Surbrin and the Laughingflow. The hamlet was named for the ranger Mornbryn and its location—the village sat on a natural rampart enclosing the west and south sides of the settlement.[1] At the northeast end of Mornbryn's Shield is a small stone keep with fire-hurling catapults aimed toward the Evermoors[2].


Some time after the War of the Silver Marches, a quartet of Fire Giants strode through the village, climbed over the ridge west of town, waded across the river, and disappeared into the Surbrin Hills without so much as a side ward glance. The villagers were left untouched, and property damage was minimal. After hearing of the fire giants' "attack" on Mornbryn's Shield, Zhentarim operatives in Yartar dispatched mercenaries to the village, offering protection. The mercenaries rode into town on warhorses, acting like shining knights. The villagers welcomed them at first, but the mercenaries proved to be more trouble than they were worth. They seemed more interested in finding the lost tomb of Mornbryn than in guarding the village. The mercenary leader, Oboth Thornsteel, turned the Troll in Flames into his personal headquarters.[2]

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