Even Lathander might blush at the ostentation of his temple in the town of Shadowdale. The building is a miracle of unbreakable rose-tinted glass blown into the shape of a giant phoenix facing west with outstretched wings greeting the dawn. Its wings become two great turrets which command a view of the surrounding area. The head and neck of the great bird contain sleeping rooms and offices. Its back (eastern side) is translucent, rose-tinted glass that allows the morning light to stream into the great Hall during services.


Bane himself destroyed the first version of Morningdawn Hall during the Time of Troubles. Lathander’s zealous clergy then recreated it in every detail – to the private dismay of Shadowdale’s residents, who think highly of Lathander himself but not so well of the priests who have raised this gaudy monstrosity in their town.[1]

A couple of days after the Zhentarim invasion in Hammer of 1375 DR, Morningdawn Hall was once again destroyed. This time in a great fire. The clergy of Lathander were all killed or forced to flee the village of Shadowdale.[2]


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