Morntel was a merchant of Amn and a member of the Knights of the Shield in 1370 DR.[1]


Morntel was named after his father in Athkatla and inherited both his fortune and his membership of the Knights in 1356 DR. He was an able caravan leader and weapons merchant based in Crimmor. In his continuous travels up and down the Sword Coast, Morntel gathered a lot of useful information for the Knights, was appreciated by both Pehllus Tanislove and Barasta Cleeith. Despite being an employee of House Zoar, Morntel acted as the ears and eyes of Lady Zharnn Ophal in Crimmor but in truth he hoped to influence local politics in order to increase the power of the Knights.

Strangely, in 1369 DR, Morntel repeatedly visited the Blais House in Westgate, a fact noted by his fellow Knight Piyrathur.[1] The truth was that Morntel's father contacted him and explain to him to had faked his death in 1356 in order to escape from a group of slavers Knights that menace his life. By 1369 Morntel the Elder, now based in Sigil, was ready to have his revenge and the son loyally collaborated to his father's plots.[1]



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