Morueme's Cave was the home of the blue dragon clan the Blood of Morueme located in the Nether Mountains.[1]


The cave was located on the edge of the Anauroch Desert[2] on the mountain known as Dragondoom.[1]


Nearly five dragons occupied the caves. Each dragon protected his own treasure sided by their faithful hobgoblin servants. The Caves had many traps, carefully placed to deal with humans. Most were rockfalls, in which rocks were linked together with chains. Moreover, the caves had some sharp bends where the Moruemes took advantage of cover.[1]


The caves have been the home for the clan for at least a thousand years. For many years, the Moruemes were ruled by Kizilpazar, the ancient blue patriarch of the clan. In 1371 DR, his ambitious sons, Nahaunglaroth and Roraurim, betrayed and destroyed him.[1]



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