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Moss agate-three
Moss agate with characteristic fern patterns
photo by Sterling Passion
used by permission
Moss agate
Basic Information
Type Ornamental stones[1]
Rules Information
Value 10 gp[1][2]
Game Edition 2nd / 3rd
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Moss agate was one of many forms of quartz agate found in the Realms.[3]


Impurities of manganese formed grayish green fern-like patterns that resembled moss embedded in the pink to yellow-white semi-transparent or translucent ornamental stones.[3] Folklore said moss agate promoted serenity and stability[2] so it was displayed as a polished stone, mounted cabochon, or was powdered and used in sleeping draughts and other potions. A typical stone had a base value of 10 gp.[3][2]




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