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Mother Tara's Festhall was a banquet hall in the town of Shadowdale.[3]


Located on the western side of the Shadowdale Trail, Mother Tara's Festhall was situated between Mane's Manor and Hammerhand Bucko's house.[3]


The two-story dwelling specialized in fine wines, good food, gaming, and sundry other "divertissements" for the traveler or the merchant.[1] Prices were ten gold for an evening, which included a sumptuous banquet, dancing, singing, and the opportunity spend additional money at the gaming tables, or the hired help.[3] While the Zhent occupation, the festhall became a dirty brothel and most of the frequent occupants area mid level officers, who spent their time and money gambling.[2]


The festhall was owned and operated by the halfling, Mother Tara, who kept a honest establishment and was proud of her reputation. She was backed up by Briig, who was said to be a flesh golem with an illusion spell placed upon him, which was a lie, but one that Mother Tara used to her advantage.[3] Most of the gold earned from customers was repaid to the Zhentarim in the form of heavy taxes.[2]


In 1359 DR, one of Mother Tara's girls turned out to be a weretiger and was slain by one of the Knights of Myth Drannor, Florin Falconhand.[3]

During 1374 DR, the Zhentilar took over the vale of Shadowdale and utilized all the surrounding area, including the festhall.[2]


  • Banquet hall could be rented for 10 gp per night.


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