Mount Abbalayat was an isolated peak in the western Marching Mountains famous for being the home of the race of oracles called the Abbalayar.[1][2]


Abbalayat was an extremely steep mountain, with cliffs for lower slopes. It was surrounded by taller mountains, with a three-mile wide, jagged ravine between.[1]

The peak seemed always surrounded by clouds, and dangerous winds rushed through the "moat" around the mountain.[1]

Notable LocationsEdit

The mountain itself was filled with caverns. The top of the mountain was the site of the holy city of Ul'sahab.[1]

Notable InhabitantsEdit

The Abbalayar, a race of oracles and prophets lived within the city of Ul'sahab, which was magically hidden from sight.[1]


The caverns within Mount Abbalayat were used as shelters for the earliest human tribe living in the region. Not even elven scholars knew the name of this lost tribe, but they became the ancestors to the Abbalayar.[1]

When djinn ruled the land that later became Calimshan, they gave the Abbalyar full control of the mountain.[1]



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