The Mountain of Iron was located in the far northern reaches of the Hordelands near the western fringes of the Ama Basin.[1]


The Mountain of Iron was part of the Ulhai Shan range.[1]


This low, rugged peak did not possess any distinguishing features when viewed from a distance. However, as travelers got closer to the peak, they became aware of the mountains powerful magnetic properties.[1]


Many believed the Mountain of Iron to be a mere myth, a fanciful tale to entertain that possessed no merit. In reality, the mountain housed a considerable amount of lodestone, giving it strong magnetic properties that were rumored to pull weapons from men's hands as they neared the peak. Travelers encased in metal armor could be pinned to the mountain where they eventually died of thirst or starvation if they were not able to remove their armor in time. This snared many explorers, contributing to the mountain's secrecy and myth.[1]


A large colony of gnolls lived on the mountain. The gnolls actually revered the mountain as a god because of its mystical properties. Sacrifices to the mountain were common practice for the gnolls, usually in the form of enemies taken alive in battle or captured explorers found wandering the region.[1]

To combat the mountain's magical pull, the gnolls only used weapons and armor made from stone, wood, or bone.[1]



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