Mourmyd Jacerryl was a pirate in the Sea of Fallen Stars loyal to Evendur Highcastle during the Second Sundering.


In 1486 DR, under orders from Evendur, Mourmyd took his ship, the Octopus, out in search of the young Chosen of Lathander, Stedd Whitehorn. His men located Stedd and his companions near the wilds of Gulthandor. Mourmyd tried to capture them, but they escaped into the wilds. He decided to inform Evendur of the boy's location. After speaking with Mourmyd, Evendur specifically ordered Mourmyd to take control of the Turmishan village of Morningstar Hollows, assuming that anyone journeying east through the northern reaches of Gulthandor would naturally head there. He followed the instructions. Stedd and his companions saw that the village was occupied by pirates and they managed to kill Mourmyd and all his men.[1]




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