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Mourner's armor was a form of magical lamellar armor that originated in Zakhara, the Land of Fate, and was created by a great ghul sha'ir.[1]


The black plates of this armor were often decorated with bright colors.[1]


When worn, mourner's armor offered complete protection from all normal ranged weapons. It also made it much more difficult for the wearer's opponents to strike them.[1]

The remaining powers of the armor were considered a curse by most, or at least a mixed blessing. Once the wearer suffered substantial physical harm during battle, they no longer felt pain of any kind. When even more damage was suffered the wearer was filled with a sense of invincibility, continuing to fight well beyond the point of death after suffering additional wounds that would fell a normal man. If "fatal" wounds were sustained during battle, the wearer would die several days later as the armor consumed their life force.[1]

All magical forms of healing used on the wearer had no effect. Non-fatal wounds could only be healed by natural means.[1]

Once donned, and once the curse was activated during battle, mourner's armor could only be removed by the original great ghul who created it or by a wish.[1]


Throughout the history of the Land of Fate, several brave warriors were believed to have willingly donned a set of mourner's armor, knowing full well the consequences of their actions, in order to turn the tide of battle and help their cause.[1]



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