A mozgriken was the result of an illithid tadpole being inserted into a svirfneblin gnome and then subjected to a dangerous psionic ritual. The ritual involved channeling energy straight from the Plane of Shadow into the ceremorph, as svirfneblin implantation normally means both the svirfneblin and the larvae die.

These three-tentacled ceremorphs were despised by the svirfneblin, owing to the hatred they had for the brain-eating illithids, and also by the illithids, because of their imperfections. Regardless, their aptitude for stealth and psionic powers of shape changing made them useful spies for the illithids.[1]


Their heads resembled the heads of normal illithids, except they only had three tentacles instead of four, and lacked a mouth. Because of this, they could only consume the fluids of the brain rather than the brain itself. Their tentacles faded in and out of the shadows and their skin was pitch black.[1]


Mozgriken culture took elements from both their svirfneblin and illithid ancestries.[2] Within illithid hives, these creatures were extremely meek as a result of their treatment by the illithids. Mozgriken were also considered too weak to survive on their own in the Underdark.[1]


These creatures could be found occupying the ruins of Tellectus.[2]

A handful of mozgriken also lived in Oryndoll under the employment of the Lore Filchers.[2]



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