Mreyelundar was a port city and a member of the confederation of the Dusk Ports in Returned Abeir. It was the most decadent of all the Dusk Ports.[1]


Mreyelundar was known for its wealth, decadence, lawlessness, and illicit practices. Gangs dominated the city and gained great wealth after having paid the green dragon Orlarrakh her due.

The free people of Mreyelundar loathed dragons, having suffered first hand the depredations of the Green Duchess. In desperation, most of them turned to the cults of the Dawn Titans for succor. The Order of the Dawn, founded some years before 1479 DR, gained enough influence to be considered a real force behind Mreyelundar's closed doors.[1]


Mreyelundar was ruled by a Gate Lord. In 1479 DR, the Gate Lord was Trusk Rantyne. However, he had no real power in the city, who was truly ruled by a mysterious thief known as Narnorn.[1]


The foremost goldsmiths and gemcutters in all of Returned Abeir lived and worked in Mreyelundar.[1]



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