A mukteff was a rare breed of sled dog native to Nakvaligach, in the Great Glacier.[2]


Like all sled dogs, mukteff had short snouts and bright eyes. They had very thick gold fur and black paws. Their paws were broad to make running on snow easier. A mukteff weighed between 80 and 100 pounds (36 to 45 kilograms).[2]


In the wild, mukteff lived in packs of between a half and two dozen dogs. They ate any type of animal parts and were excellent pack hunters with superb senses of smell, being able to recognize prey from as far as 10 miles (16 kilometers) away by scent.[2]

When domesticated, mukteff could communicate specific types of prey to their owners by using distinct tones of barks or growls.[2]

A sled dog would fight to the death to defend its owner, so loyal they were.[2]


Outside of Nakvaligach, mukteff could also be purchased from the tiny village of Koyoss in Alpuk.[4]


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