Mulahey was a half-orc cleric of Cyric who was sent by Tazok to sabotage the Nashkel mines on behalf of Sarevok and the Iron Throne. He set up his headquarters below the third level of the mine, and started sending kobold minions up to poison the iron from the mine with mineral poison provided by his superiors, helping to orchestrate an iron shortage the Iron Throne would take advantage of. Against orders given to Tazok, the kobolds took to attacking and killing the miners, though Mulahey still remained undetected for a time, hidden so deep down few dared to venture there. Nevertheless, his superiors were displeased with his performance, and by the time he was finally uncovered and killed by Gorion's Ward, he was living in fear of assassins sent after him.[1]



  • The player in Baldur's Gate will find Mulahey in a makeshift throne room in a cave in the middle of a small underground lake at the bottom of the Nashkel mines. He will summon a horde of kobolds and skeletons to assist him in battle, and if he's given the chance when he pleads for mercy as the fight progresses, he will summon as many again. Once he's killed, the player can take his holy symbol to Berrun Ghastkill as proof that they have cleared the mines. Documents found in a chest of his will also direct them after Tazok and Tranzig. The elf Xan, imprisoned by Mulahey, can be found nearby, as can his Moonblade. A dream the player character has some time after this will also feature Mulahey, whom they will be asked to kill again with a dagger of bone as a sign of accepting the taint of murder within them.
  • Mulahey also appears in the novelisation.


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