The Mulani languages group was one of the two major branches of the Rauric languages family and included languages spoken in East Faerûn by the Mulan people.[1][note 1]


The Mulani languages were further subdivided into the Mulhorandi and Muhjuri branches.[1]


The Mulani languages derived in part from a slave argot of one or more of the Imaskari languages.[2] Over the millennia, the Mulani tongues remained more similar to their Rauric roots than did the Untheric languages.[3]



The grouping of the Mulani languages was inspired by the real-life Hamitic languages, such as Ancient Egyptian, Coptic, and Berber.[1]


  1. In 3rd edition, all of the Mulani languages are grouped together under Mulhorandi. This article attributes information provided about that language in later sources to the Mulani group as a whole, as the history of the people groups speaking these languages are also clearly outlined.


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