Mullivan was a former adventurer and mind-thrall in Oryndoll in 1370 DR.[1]


Mullivan was a ranger and leader of an adventuring party from Almraiven. His mission soon became cleansing Calimshan and Tethyr from mind flayer influence.

Finally, in the Forest of Mir, they discovered caves to the Underdark. Incautiously, Mullivan lead his comrades down and they arrived at the gates of Oryndoll. Mullivan sacrificed his own life to permit to a handful of his friends to escape. Afterward, the survivors of that expedition renamed themselves the Scimitars of Mullivan and started a war against Oryndoll, directing many adventuring parties against illithids and continuing their cleansing of the surface from mind flayer influence.

Unknown to his friends, however, Mullivan was alive—he was resurrected by illithids using a new psionic science similar to a raise dead spell. Thereafter, the illithids used Mullivan as a mind-thrall, but unknown to his illithid masters, the resurrection gave Mullivan some kind of psionic immunity and he kept a degree of free will. Mullivan then waited for the right time to escape.[1]



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