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Muni-Ku was a elder storyteller in Wa around 1357 DR.[1]


Once Muni-Ku was a cook in service of of the daimyo of Tifuido like her mother and her grandmother. One day she noticed that the head cook had prepared a soup for the daimyo accidentally using poisoned mushrooms. Nodoby believed to Muni-Ku that as last resort ate herself the soup, saving the daimyo and condemning herself. In the hour of her death Muni-Ku was visited by the dwarf god Suku-nabiko that thank to a ghostly mouth insured in her mouth saved her, also granting to Muni-Ku a great knowledge of world. From that day Muni-Ku traveled for all Wa telling stories and legends. Now at 80 years she continued her travels in perfect health. Nobody truly understood from where Muni-ku gained her health and knowledge.[1]



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