Muragh Brilstagg was a former cleric of Lathander in Waterdeep in 1479 DR.[1]


Muragh in life was a very pretentious and critical person so a wizard, exasperated by him, cursed him: his soul never went to the Fugue Plane after his death but remained in his body. A sailor severed Muragh's skull from his body and sunk it in the harbor.

Somehow, Muragh's skull ended up in the hands of a wizard of the City Watch, who used him as a watchdog in the wizard's library. One day, however, some thieves stole him, taking him to Undermountain. Even though adventurers on more than one occasion took Muragh from a chamber of the dungeon, the skull somehow ended up back in the same room again.[1]


Muragh truly wanted to see the sun again. However, he was still an irascible and fussy individual who was very sarcastic with others. He never acknowledged Amaunator as his new god, losing all his clerical powers.[1]


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