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Murdane was a lesser deity of pragmatism and reason.[1]


She was the lover of Helm the Watcher, god of guardians.[1]


During the divine event known as the Dawn Cataclysm, Lathander the Morninglord set into motion events that indirectly led to the death of Murdane.[1] Murdane was drowned in the watery embrace of Umberlee, Queen of the Depths.[2]

This event was linked to the destruction of the empire of Jhaamdath beneath an enormous tsunami in the Year of Furious Waves, –255 DR. However, cause and effect were unclear; whether Jhaamdath's flooding led to or was caused by Murdane's drowning was unknown.[2][note 1]

This caused Helm the Vigilant One to view Lathander with ill will thereafter.[1]



  1. This suggests that Murdane was heavily worshiped in Jhaamdath, and perhaps even a member of the Jhaamdathan pantheon. However, Auppenser, who is heavily linked to and worshiped in Jhaamdath, is called the Lord of Reason. This suggests some overlap or close relationship between Murdane and Auppenser.


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