Prior to the spellplague, Murghôm was an inland nation of farmers and horsemen in East Faerûn north of Brightstar Lake. It was theoretically a subjugated territory of Mulhorand. Inhabitants are referred to as Murghômi; their second largest city is Phannaskul with another major town being the heavily militarized Port Ghaast.[1]

The leaders of the Murghômi were called Ataman, and the people are known for their skill with horses. With their position beside Taan, the state as a series of semiautonomous communities that gather into collective government only in times of war. Along with the the Mulhorandi, Murghômi are ethnic Mulani known to be speakers of Mulhorandi and believers in the Mulhorandi pantheon.[1]

The city of Zindalankh hosted a Shou Town (source).

Post-spellplague the city states of Murghôm were ruled by dragons.[2]

Cities and TownsEdit



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