Murssvayas Dhuurniv was a drow wizard and a former member of House Dhuurniv in Szith Morcane.[3]


Atypical for a drow, Murssvayas' skin kept his silver hair close-cropped and sported long, well-maintained sideburns. His skin was especially dark with purplish tone and his eyes were a striking green. The drow wore adventurer's garb with numerous fetishes and pouches rather than typical mage robes.[3]


Murssvayas was a smart but desperate individual. He was also very pragmatic and cautious about surfacers. In his heart, however, Murssvayas was truly evil and thought that goodness and lawfulness were weaknesses that he could use for his own goals. Despite this, he knew when to keep this thoughts to himself.[3]


Murssvayas wielded a dagger and carried a staff.[3][4]


In 1491 DR, his home was besieged by demons and their fire giant minions from Maerimydra. He identified the elemental codex in Earthfast as a powerful weapon that could defeat the invading army. So he went to ask the dwarves for the codex, but was immediately rejected. Afterward, Murssvayas hired Furgis Boltsmelter to get it by illegal means.[1] The criminal dwarf traveled to meet Murssvayas, but was pursued by the Earthfast dwarves and also by both the Cult of the Crushing Wave and the Cult of the Black Earth. At last, Murssvayas met Furgis and/or his adventuring party bodyguards in the Underdark,[3] but at that time earth cultists led by Yegor tried one last time to kill all present and take the codex, but they were defeated.[5]

Later, after the fall of Szith Morcane, he was chosen by the archmage Solom Ned'razak as his representative to hire an adventuring party in Elventree to save the drow alchemist Xaven Tanor'this.[6]

After the presumed death of Solom, Murssvayas became the leader of the drow resistance to the invading fire giants but his position was precarious.[7]




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