The worst trouble with most mages is that they think they can change the world. The worst mistake the gods make is to let a few of them get away with it.[1]

My Journeys Around the Sea of Fallen Stars was a book written by Nelve Harssad of Tsurlagol, first published in the Year of the Pointed Bone, 1298 DR,[2] and reprinted in the Year of the Sword and Stars, 1332 DR.[1][note 1]

It detailed the author's experiences while traveling on and around the Sea of Fallen Stars, and provided a great deal of lore about the area.[3]

The book was in three volumes and a copy could be found in the Tower of Tomes of the Leaves of Learning, a temple to Oghma in Deepingdale, around 1372 DR.[2] The library at Candlekeep kept the original.[4][note 2]



  1. The novel Spellfire dates the above quote and My Journeys Around the Sea of Fallen Stars to the "Year of the Sword and Stars" (with no Dalereckoning year). However, "The Leaves of Learning" Web Enhancement for Faiths and Pantheons says it was published in the much-earlier 1298 DR. Assuming both are correct, the book may have been reprinted or copied in the later year.
  2. The Candlekeep Collection web article is ambiguous on the whereabouts of the original tome, indicating that the original is stored in Candlekeep in the list of books by title, but the opposite in the list of books by author.


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