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Myconids, or "Fungus men," are insidious fungal menaces from the Feywild caverns polluted by the fomorians. Myconids strive only to spread across their territories, contaminating those places with its presence.[2] The Oasis of the Stone King, where Drizzt Do'Urden once dwelt, was home to a small community of myconids.[4]

The myconids communicate telepathically, using spores which they blow from their mouths. Variants of these spores can also be used offensively, although they are not violent creatures and have, in fact, been known to share their territory.[citation needed]

A group of about 370 myconids dwell in the Lowerdark city of Fluvenilstra under the leadership of Meln, their sovereign. Although the myconids appear to do nothing, they actually control the city's defense force of shambling mounds, phantom fungi, assassin vines and other plant monsters.[5]

Colonies of myconids are also known to make their homes within the giant fungus known as Araumycos.[6]


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