Mydianchlarus was briefly the Oinoloth, ruler of the Wasting Tower of Khin-Oin.[4]


Mydianchlarus overthrew its predecessor, Anthraxus, at some point between 1357 DR[5] and 1369 DR[6] not through violence, but by Mydianchlarus whispering a secret in Anthraxus's ear so profound and disturbing that he was compelled to leave Khin-Oin and move on.

In approximately 1379 DR, however, Anthraxus marched on the Wasting Tower and challenged Mydianchlarus for control of the Siege Malicious. Though Mydianchlarus was slain, Anthraxus was thwarted in his attempt to wholly destroy his hated foe. The Sepulcher of Mydianchlarus now lingers as a burning reminder of Anthraxus's broken reign.[4]


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