Lady Mynda Idogyr was the wife of Lord Gamalon Idogyr, the Count of Spellshire in Tethyr.[2][5]


Because Gamalon was often busy at Faerntarn, the royal palace of Tethyr, Mynda controlled much of the administration of Spellshire.[3]


Mynda met her future husband on her home on the Rock of Bral in the Tears of Selûne, where she had grown up as a merchant's daughter. She ignored Gamalon for four years and thought he was odd-looking and boyish in appearance. Eventually, she warmed to his advances, and the two were happily married for 30 years[2] and had a daughter named Lara.[5]

Mynda had served as hostess on some of Elminster and his scribe Lhaeo's visits to Bral, when she had lived there. She appreciated that he brought her gifts such as Calishite spices, but she despised his pipe-smoking habit. Her daughter, Lara enjoyed listening to Lhaeo's many stories.[5]


When the family moved to Toril to the lands of Gamalon's family, she had trouble adapting to the weather and the court intrigue in Faerûn. She did, however, enjoy her new courtly title and the benefits in livelihood that had come with that.[2]

She was killed on Uktar 28, 1374 DR, along with several others,[4] when a magical explosion occurred at the Sleeping Dragon inn. It was caused by the presence of the Diamondblade, with Gamalon's gem-eye and Damlath's magical possessions acting as catalysts.[6]


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