Myrddin Viligoth was a former Red Wizard of Thay, who later fought for the good of Damara at the behest of god Ilmater[1]


Myrddin born in Thay with attitude to magic; like all similar gifted children of that land he was enrolled in the tower of a Red Wizard to learn all about magic. He was a good student and become a powerful wizard in time; but his heart was not filled with evil like all his fellow red wizards. So Myrddin, having finally understanding the evil of the red wizards ways, gave the courage to escape Thay. He arrived in Damara just after the demise of Zhengyi, hoping to teach the Damaran about evilness of Thay. First he was welcomed with suspects and doubts but finally the wizard Emelyn the Gray took Myrddin under his wings. The two founded the Twilight Riders, a group of wandering heroes that travel the south of Damara solving problems and fighting evil.[1]


Myrddin was a very private person; only recently he converted to the Ilmater faith and was very enthusiast about his new god. He tolerate different religions path, unless conduct to evil.[1]



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