Myrineyl Baenre was the First Priestess of House Baenre circa 1484 DR.


Myrineyl had been groomed from infancy to rule. However, she developed a sadistic side. She had a strange fascination with surface elves and had always at her side a slave attendant of this race. These attendants, however, rarely survived long and always needed to be replaced.


Myrineyl was equally talented in divine and arcane magic.[1]


Myrineyl was the firstborn of matron mother Quenthel Baenre. In 1480 DR, she was in her last year in Arach-Tinilith.[1]

In later years, she and Quenthel's sister Sos'Umptu Baenre competed for the title of First Priestess.[2] The appointment of her aunt as matron mother of the restored House Do'Urden probably granted the First Priestess position to Myrineyl.[3]



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