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NWN2 box This article or section is about elements from the game Neverwinter Nights 2.
Video games are considered canon unless they contradict content in some other Forgotten Realms publication.

Myrkul's Wrath was a powerful scythe with various magic properties.


To craft Myrkul's Wrath, one had to have a broken scythe from Myrkul's vault and the essence of the dead god's soul. Once combined, they became the formidable scythe.


The weapon appeared as a black scythe, with a stone-like texture and darkness emanating from it.


The scythe channeled the spirit of the god of death, and as a result was teeming with evil energy. Myrkul's Wrath was deadly to those of good alignment. The weapon also weakened its wielder in the hope that they would come to a gruesome death themselves.[1]



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