The First In-depth Look at this Classic Forgotten Realms Region in Many Years.

Mysteries of the Moonsea offers an in-depth look at one of the most important regions of the Forgotten Realms. The Moonsea region is full of wealth and peril. It is home to the nefarious Zhentil Keep, the merchant city of Melvaunt, and the mysterious Ironfang Keep. Mysteries of the Moonsea includes a history of the region, detailed information on the major towns and adventure locations, the important figures and groups that operate in and around the Moonsea, new spells and monsters specific to the area, and tips for Dungeon Masters on running a campaign set in the region.


  • Chapter 1: Melvaunt and the North
  • Chapter 2: Hillsfar and the South
  • Chapter 3: Mulmaster and the East
  • Chapter 4: Zhentil Keep and the West



Ahryn FirefingerArdsem SkalarnBranislav SemyonBrunlaphChallChorkCorkin MarkovCorwyn JaffeDagrygDaumar GudennyDenia VesdarEnthranosEshaerisEtath-darForjia ChaseGirella ScatterstarGrimnothGywahierHayanalof BrezenInashIrunteldIvold NakarofJemel GanzaJonah StrakeHofu-jalKillian KreelKrissLuxewaLyettaMalaritheosMordak BrelliarNelacOluubargaQuonRassendyll UoumdolphinRowan BlackwoodSerag KullSeskaya AtnallThagdalTargashtroxTheoderus StonebloodThistlebrookThurndan TallwandTola VrassTonorokUlblyn BlackalbuckVarzekVerblenZathantramyx
Referenced only
AbaratAglaerochDaraminDesmondaFzoul ChembrylLarisMaalthiirManshoonManxamOrgauthRaenalla QuietsongSelfaril UoumdolphinTalarithTorixXeno MirrormaneVorbyx


AbishaiAnimated objectAnnisAssassin vine BasiliskBarbed devilBearded devilBeholderBlack dragonBlack puddingBlue dragonBugbearCatCentaurChain devilChimeraChuulCloakerCockatriceDarkmantleDeath tyrantDevourerDigesterDireguardDire apeDire wolfDisplacer beastDogDoppelgangerDragonneDrowEarth elementalErinyesEyeball BeholderkinFire elementalFire giantFlesh golemFrost giantFrost wormGarGelugonGibbering MoutherGnollGreen warderGrickHalf-orcHill giantHorned devilHumanInvisible stalkerManticoreMarelMinotaurMohrgNight hagOchre jellyOgreOgre mageOtyughOwlbearRed dragonRemorhazRoperOsyluthScragShadowShield dwarfShambling moundShocker LizardSkeletonSnakeSpirit folkSpirit nagaSteam MephitStone golemToadTroglodyteTrollUmber hulkWereratWightWolfWraithXornWater elementalWyvernYuan-ti
Referenced only
Half-elfElfPit fiend


Buildings & Sites
Abarat's follyAsberythBattlehallBlackalbuck's Swap ShopThe BreakwaterBruilhavenCastle MaalthiirChambers of BoneCryptsDevil's Fire TavernDiamond in the DungFloating FighterHermuk's AllgoodsHoly Hall of Good FortuneHouse of the Black LordJagged RocksLaughing HallsLeiyraghon ManorThe Livestock PenLodge of the Great HuntNanther KeepOxpit TavernPalace of Sweet PainPhlan PathPurple PortalsQuon's Collectible CreaturesResting Place of the WhipRogue's RedoubtSouthroad KeepSleeping SerpentTemple of AzuthTemple of BaneTemple of CyricTemple of LoviatarTemple of TempusTemple of TymoraTesh InnTitys's EmporiumTower of Arcane MightTower of the ArtTower of the WyvernTowers of the BladeTraveler's Cloak InnVorbyx's WatchpostVault of SwordsWave and Wink
Citadel of the RavenHillsfarMelvauntMulmasterNorthkeepRavenswatchSkelemYûlashZhentil Keep
CormanthorDragonspine MountainsGalena MountainsTharMoonsea
Material Plane
Referenced only
ArvandorBloodstone PassElventreeMyth DrannorMyth GlaurachMyth Lharast

Magic itemsEdit

Chauntean spherehammer of Vorbyx


House Morcane
BladesBrotherhood of the CloakHarpersGolden SkullsMage's GuildRed PlumesRed Wizards of ThayZhentarim
Referenced only
Council of Lords


Temples & Shrines
BattlehallHoly Hall of Good FortuneJagged RocksLaughing HallsLodge of the Great HuntPalace of Sweet PainPurple PortalsResting Place of the WhipTemple of AzuthTemple of BaneTemple of CyricTemple of LoviatarTemple of TempusTemple of TymoraVault of Swords
Referenced only


spell engine


Abarat's nexuselemental scourgemageduelPillar of FireThe True Life of CyricYellow mold



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