The Mystic Rites of the Luminous Cloud was a sacred ceremony performed by worshipers of the elven goddess Sehanine Moonbow, one of whose titles was "the Luminous Cloud",[1] on the night of the Feast of the Moon.[2]


During the Mystic Rites, worshipers would spend time in deep mediation and finally gather together and join in a communal trance under the light of the full moon. These rites were very similar to the monthly Lunar Hallowings held by the followers of Sehahine, except that during the Mystic Rites, the ceremony culminated with a supernatural manifestation of Sehahine through a mystical union of the assembled worshipers, that collectively transformed them into a shining nimbus of silver light. The nimbus would rise into the sky and dash across the heavens. During this time, the worshipers experienced a revelation of Sehahine's mysteries, depending on their current level of spiritual maturity. The rites concluded with the reforming of the bodies of the participants.[2]


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