Glaurachyndaar (formerly Myth Glaurach, the City of Scrolls) is a ruined Eaerlanni city situated on the river Starsilver, a tributary of the river Delimbiyr, in the Nether Mountains.[1] It was a garden city with ornate buildings and white domes, built on the ruins of an Aryvandaaran city.[2]


Myth Glaurach was built on top of the pre-existing ruins of an Aryvandaaran city whose name is presumed to be lost. The city was raided by orcs in 864 DR and sacked.[2] The daemonfey of House Dlardrageth moved into the ruins of the ancient city after being freed from their magical prison beneath Nar Kerymhoarth.[3] Sarya Dlardrageth found the mythal stone of the city buried in a deep pit to protect it from attackers, and she used the magic of the stone to summon demons that could remain permanently in Faerûn.[4] Araevin Teshurr subsequently restored the mythal and altered it in such a way that it can now withstand fiendish intervention.[2]

Notable locationsEdit

There are a number of portals beneath the grand mage's palace.[2]


In its original state, the mythal barred all fiends and anyone who had ever eaten the flesh of elves, dwarves or humans, but this was destroyed by Sarya Dlardrageth and remains so. Other aspects of the mythal still function. It is not possible to cast acid, conjuration, death, evil, or fire spells within the mythal, and spells that calm animals and prevent weed growth are active.[2]


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