Mythkar Leng was a male human cleric of first Bane and later Cyric in the late 1350s and 1360s DR. He was a member of the Zhentarim, leading their activities in northwest Faerûn, and an advisor to Lord Geildarr Ithym of Llorkh in the Savage Frontier.[6][2][3][4][5]


Mythkar Leng was the local leader of the Zhentarim in northwest Faerûn, a position he held by 1358 DR and through to at least 1370 DR. His goal was to dominate trade routes across the North and up and down the Sword Coast North. To this end, the town of Llorkh was selected as the Zhentarim's foothold in the North, thanks to its distance from the rival powers of Silverymoon and Waterdeep.[6][5] The Zhentarim took over Llorkh shortly before 1357 DR,[2][3][4] making it their base and Mythkar's Zhentarim thus achieved a monopoly on trade between Llorkh and Loudwater. They also a base in Secomber and agents well placed in well-placed agents in Triboar, Waterdeep, Yartar, and Zundbridge.[6][5]

Ostensibly, he served as an advisor to Lord Geildarr of Llorkh.[6][5]

Mythkar also managed a shrine dedicated to Bane in Llorkh.[6] However, by 1367 DR, having converted from the worship of the deceased god Bane, Mythkar was high priest of a full-fledged temple to Cyric called the Dark Sun in the town.[1][2][4]


In truth, Geildarr was a lesser-ranked member of the Zhentarim, whom Mythkar kept in line and pursuing the Zhentarim's plans for the North. In this, he was aided by the beholder Rakaxalorth.[6][5]

Mythkar was allied with the Beast Lord of Dekanter. He was opposed in his efforts to dominate the region by the Harpers and the Lords' Alliance.[6][5]



  1. Reprinting The Savage Frontier, The North: Guide to the Savage Frontier: The Wilderness states Mythkar is still a 9th-level priest, but The North: Guide to the Savage Frontier: Cities and Civilization says he is a 12th-level priest, in keeping with the other 2nd-edition sources published before it.


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