N'Safa was the leader of the yuan-ti Se'Sehen tribe around 1374 DR.


Around 1374 DR, N'Safa led her tribe in betraying Sseth, instead pleading their allegiance to the new god Zehir. So the Se'Sehen destroyed the orthodox Sauringar tribe and took control of the Temple of World Serpent. There, N'Safa started a ritual to summon Zehir and started her plot for world domination, sending disguised yuan-ti spies over all Faerûn.

However, the surviving Sauringar princess Sa'Sani manipulated the Hero of Neverwinter into ruining the Se'Sehen's plots and at last into attacking the Temple during the last ritual performed by N'Safa. The Hero killed N'Safa.[1]



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