Nacacia was a female half-elf slave in Myth Drannor, in service to the Masked of Cormanthyr in years between c.238 and 261.


Nacacia was a young half-elf in Cormanthyr before the Opening; she was bought by the Masked. He tutored Nacacia and the human Elminster Aumar in the ways of the Elven High Magic, in order to use them as his instruments.

Nacacia appeared to be slain in an attack on the hidden place of Mythanthar but was later revealed to be alive, as was Mythanthar. They helped Elminster to break free from the Masked's magic.

Later, Nacacia helped to raise the mythal.[1]

After the raising of the mythal Elminster gave to Nacacia the Andrathath’'s mask so she assumed the mantle of the Masked. As the Masked Nacacia became one of the Seven Wizards of Myth Drannor founding and directing the Incanisteum magic school.[2]

However in 682 DR the Masked together with Mentor Wintercloak and their four gnomes apprentices left the city.[3]


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