Nada al-Hazan was an island chain in the Crowded Sea south of Zakhara. Among the wild archipelagos of the sea, it was the island chain best explored and most settled by enlightened Zakharans.[1] Located south of the Golden Gulf, between Jazayir al-Sartan, the island of Harab, and the Steaming Isles, Nada al-Hazan was a convenient entryway into the Crowded Sea, giving it the title the "Silver Road".[2][1] The islands were mainly rocky outcrops of the sea with low vegetation.[1]


From the northernmost group of islands, the Masud Jazayir or "Fortunate Isles", with the main port of Bandar al-Sa'adat, civilization became declined down the island chain.[1] Following were al-Zabdiyat ("the Bowl"); Tawil ("Long"); Dirs ("Jaw-tooth"), lying apart from the main chain to the northeast; and Jazirat al-Sayyad ("The Hunter").[1][3] At the end lay Jazirat al-Gawwar ("Island of the Whirlpool"), which was inaccessible by ship as an unpredictable whirlpool could appear anywhere around the island to doom mariners, giving the whole island chain its second sobriquet, the Strait of Sorrow.[1][3][4]


As an outpost of Zakharan civilization far away from its centers, many inhabitants were descended from less-than-reputable forebears, so the islands retained a frontier character where the Law of the Loregiver was interpreted very loosely.[5]


The islands produced a number of different fruits and seeds as well as cotton.[5] They also had ship-building capabilities.[6]



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