Nadyra's Glory (also known as the Lost Princess) was the bridal ship of Princess Aliia of Impiltur, which sank in mysterious circumstances on the Sea of Fallen Stars in 926 DR after leaving Hlammach. Aliia was on the way to marry Crown Prince Rhiigard I of Cormyr.[1]

The ship was loaded with treasure and displayed purple sails in honour of Cormyr, and its aim (and the aim of the marriage) was to unite Cormyr and Impiltur. The ship sank about 48km (30 miles) off its course, on a direct line between Tsurlagol and Wayrock.[1]

The wreck came to rest on its right side, and was quickly scavenged of its valuables by nearby undersea creatures, including koalinths and scrags. Amongst the treasures on board were the Great Sword of Impiltur and Kimeltaar, the Demonsbane Shield.[2]


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