Naer Tlarra was a human man and a wizard of the lands that became Chessenta, who lived around the 4th or 5th century DR. His tomb was a subject of treasure tales.

After he died, Naer's tomb was built in Elvenblood Pass in the Earthfast Mountains of the Vast, and either buried or heavily overgrown somewhere there. He rested inside a 10-foot-long (3 meter) stone coffin, too heavy to carry away by means that could negotiate the pass. It was supposedly protected against thieves by bound creatures and several spells. No story suggested Naer entered some state of undeath, however.

Among the treasures thought to be buried with him were his spellbooks, staff, and wands. There was also said to be a magical twelve-spired crown that allowed one to simultaneously use up to twelve magical rings, mounted on the spires. A magical ring apparently still sat on each one, with at least two particularly rare and powerful rings.[1]


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