The Naga Crawls were a series of caverns in the Deep Wastes noted as the lair of a trio of spirit naga.[1]


The Naga Crawls were located 52.5 miles (84.4 km) east of Szith Morcane at the end of a branch of tunnels through the Deep Wastes.[1]


A roughly 150-ft-deep (45.7 m) set of caverns,[2] the ceiling of the Naga Crawls was about 8 ft (2.4 m) in height at the entrance and only 4 ft (1.2 m) high further in. Cold streams of water wound their way through the Crawls, trickling into shallow pools at the deepest parts of the cavern. A single rusted iron ladder provided the only means of entrance from the tunnels of the Deep Wastes to the narrow caverns above, the stream pouring down the ladder in a cold waterfall.[1][3]


At some point before 1372 DR, a trio of spirit naga made these caverns their home. They lured many creatures to their deaths here, earning the cavern its moniker.[1] During the Silence of Lolth, they managed to coax a stone giant deep into their lair, where they could feast on its trapped corpse.[3]


A trio of spirit naga laired here circa 1372 DR.[1]




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